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Tired of wordsmithing and polishing draft copy?

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If you are choosing the best editor for your book, website, or specialty material, you can’t go wrong with Kae Bender.


Here’s why I am your best editor choice:


You get my focused attention and professional guarantee:

As a skilled solopreneur, I know multi-tasking doesn’t work, so I focus my attention to only one project: yours.

My skills vanquish everyday editing needs; my standards delight client expectations; my speedy turnaround shortens your wait.

And I guarantee you will be satisfied with my results.

You get my years of practical experience:

My long history of editing everything started with health plan brochures for the federal government; I moved on to news releases for a state agency, policies and procedures for a huge insurance conglomerate, and user manuals and system documentation for an IT department.

Technical editing was never drudgery, but nonetheless, a decade+ ago, I happily transitioned my red penciling to poems and fiction for friends, nonprofit newsletters, already-published library books, and all over my own drafts.

Really, though, my markup color was always green, and now that I’m mostly reviewing for e-publication, paper copies are a thing of the past.

You get my well-rounded background:

My professional editing now focuses on self-help, serial fiction, and website copy, though I’ll critique any interesting draft put under my nose.

When I’m not editing, I teach yoga, relax with my eReader, or play with my toddler granddaughter – all of which somehow seems to preclude writing anything more than an occasional FB post or Amazon review. Nonetheless, I’d love nothing better right now than to read your productive creations next.

Choose from my four levels of Service or define your special needs; review my standard Rates or arrange a negotiated package; check out my satisfaction guarantees. Please use the contact form to sign up for editing or proofreading or just to ask a question.

~ Kae Bender